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Content Pipeline ??

gregsparrowПостоялецwww29 авг. 200612:35#0
не совсем понял что ето такое ....

говорят шото етого, Content Pipeline, в первой бете не будет

XadjaНовичокwww29 авг. 200617:10#1
Да, не будет. Пока будет использование контента как обычно.

Another problem is content— specifically, getting content into your game and making it consumable at run time.  A feature of the XNA Framework called the Content Pipeline will make getting content into your game extremely easy.  Michael Klucher will be talking more about this feature in a future post, but think of it as being able to treat content just like you would your code, as a piece of your project.  The Content Pipeline will take care of importing, compiling, and loading it for you.

gregsparrowПостоялецwww29 авг. 200618:14#2
аа  так ето типа  для загрузки текстур, моделей, шейдеров .... ?

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